STM32F407 Delay with SysTick

An important function in almost all MCU based application is the delay function.  When timing is essential in your application, you can’t live without a good delay function.  From my experience with 8-bit MCU’s, delay functions were always hard to implement if you wanted to get the timing correct.  Most of the time you could get it to work for one specific clock setting; but to get it to work for all clock frequencies it … Continue reading

STM32F407 tutorial with CooCox

Buying the development kit was easy, using it, proves to be 10x more difficult.  First of all you’ll need a good integrated development environment (IDE) and as Java architect I’m quite spoiled and I don’t expect anything less for my hobby projects where I use mainly C.  After doing some research I found a couple of very good IDE’s but unfortunately not free to use.  Until I came across CooCox’ CoIDE, reading the testimonials on … Continue reading

STM32F407 Discovery Board + Modules Kit

After some years of experience with 8-bit microcontrollers (Motorola, PIC and ARM), I wanted to move on to some more advanced controllers mainly for use in my home automation system and some other hobby projects. I recently received a kit containing a STM32F407 Discovery board with a development board and 15 pluggable modules.  I bought the kit on AliExpress and it was neatly delivered by FedEx last week. Development board with STM32F407 Discovery plugged in:Modules: The … Continue reading

1-Wire Temperature Sensor

1. Temperature Sensors For my Home Automation project, I require a temperature sensor for my room controller units.  I tried a couple like NTC’s and an analog sensor (MPC9701A), but none of these gave me satisfactory results.  Especially the drift in these sensor was quite high and as a consequence the precision pretty worthless for room temperature; in the best case I had a precision of ±2°C. After some research, I came up with a … Continue reading