IP Stack for STM32F4

For a couple of my micro controller-based projects I was looking for a good IP platform.  Lots of flavors exist, but none was really standing out.  However one came pretty close: lwIP; but for a micro controller it seemed quite some overkill. Next came also the choice of the ethernet hardware.  After some evaluations 2 options were left over: DP83848 and ENC28J60.  On the overall the DP83848 is doing better than the ENC28J60.  Microchip’s ENC28J60 has quite some issues, but is much cheaper than the DP83848.  So if you’re looking for performance and quality, go for the DP83848 for Texas Instruments (about 1-2€ per piece).  If you want something cheap go for the Microchip about 1€ per chip; but be warned the driver you write will require some work arounds.  The main reason I took the ENC28J60 is the fact that our Chinese friends deliver complete modules (incl. RJ45 and magnetics) that communicate with the µC via SPI for about 2€:EOS 5D Mark III-101-2280

The specifications of the ENC28J60 are not extraordinary, but they will suit my needs more than well:

  • 10Base-T
  • Full and half duplux
  • SPI up to 20 MHz

And this is what I want to achieve in my first project:

IPStackAs you can see a simplified IP stack.  It will developed using gcc with the CooCox IDE.  The µC I’m going to use is the STM32F407VG (from my discovery board).

Stay tuned for this topic as I will add gradually links to the topics that will tackle this project:

To be completed later…

Update 10/06/2014, I ran test yesterday with a fully operational ICMP and DHCP and an almost finished UDP transport layer.  It performed very well; still need to complete the documentation and blog.

EOS 5D Mark III-101-2287



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  1. nima askari says:

    hello . I want use this library . Stm32+freertos . please post an example .

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