STM32F407 Discovery Board + Modules Kit

After some years of experience with 8-bit microcontrollers (Motorola, PIC and ARM), I wanted to move on to some more advanced controllers mainly for use in my home automation system and some other hobby projects.

I recently received a kit containing a STM32F407 Discovery board with a development board and 15 pluggable modules.  I bought the kit on AliExpress and it was neatly delivered by FedEx last week.

Development board with STM32F407 Discovery plugged in:EOS 5D Mark III-101-2122Modules:EOS 5D Mark III-101-2121

The modules contain:

  • 3.2″ TFT of 320×240 pixels with touchscreen (SSD1289 and ADS7846)
  • USB3300 USB HS
  • DP83848 Ethernet
  • NandFlash
  • OV7670 Camera
  • PL2303 USB USART
  • Micro SD Storage (SDIO + SPI)
  • AT45DBXX DataFlash (SPI + IOs)
  • UDA1380 (I²S + I²C)
  • VS1003B MP3 (SPI +IOs)
  • Analog Test Board (A/D and D/A)
  • CAN-bus SN65HVD230 Board (2x)
  • RF Transceiver NRF24L01 (2x)

All modules plug directly to the development board or are connected via Dupont wires also included in the kit.  The modules are extremely useful during prototyping, you don’t need to develop a complete board yourself, just plug it to the development board.  Once satisfied with the result, you can entirely design a custom board.



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4 Responses to STM32F407 Discovery Board + Modules Kit

  1. R. Tanner says:

    Your Blog presents useful information and it works.
    Keep up the good work!

    PS Do you know the SPI on the Discovery board?

  2. Rodrigo Luís Ribeiro says:

    Hi Patrick, I’m a big fan of their publications, I wonder if you have ever used the VS1003b of Waveshare to play MP3?

    • Patrick says:

      Not yet, perhaps later for my model Railroad. But right now I’m to busy with home automation.

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