Hardware driver for ENC28J60

Based on the hardware abstraction layer for my TCP/IP stack, I wrote a software driver for the ENC28J60 ethernet module.  As said before the module is very cheap but has quite some issues and the software is trying to cover these issues as much as possible.  However there was one I couldn’t solve completely: interrupt on packet reception; that one is completely unreliable even with the workarounds proposed by Microchip.  Thus I decided to stay … Continue reading

IP Stack for STM32F4

For a couple of my micro controller-based projects I was looking for a good IP platform.  Lots of flavors exist, but none was really standing out.  However one came pretty close: lwIP; but for a micro controller it seemed quite some overkill. Next came also the choice of the ethernet hardware.  After some evaluations 2 options were left over: DP83848 and ENC28J60.  On the overall the DP83848 is doing better than the ENC28J60.  Microchip’s ENC28J60 … Continue reading