STM32F407 tutorial with CooCox

Buying the development kit was easy, using it, proves to be 10x more difficult.  First of all you’ll need a good integrated development environment (IDE) and as Java architect I’m quite spoiled and I don’t expect anything less for my hobby projects where I use mainly C.  After doing some research I found a couple of very good IDE’s but unfortunately not free to use.  Until I came across CooCox’ CoIDE, reading the testimonials on … Continue reading

STM32F407 Discovery Board + Modules Kit

After some years of experience with 8-bit microcontrollers (Motorola, PIC and ARM), I wanted to move on to some more advanced controllers mainly for use in my home automation system and some other hobby projects. I recently received a kit containing a STM32F407 Discovery board with a development board and 15 pluggable modules.  I bought the kit on AliExpress and it was neatly delivered by FedEx last week. Development board with STM32F407 Discovery plugged in:Modules: The … Continue reading